Frequently Asked Questions:


Getting Help

1. Who does House of Hope help?

Any Martin County residents experiencing hunger and/or hardship.

2. How can House of Hope Help Me?

Project HOPE includes: pantry services featuring monthly Client Choice “shopping", monthly bread and produce, and daily allotments of ready to eat meals and snacks for individuals experiencing homelessness; free clothing and household furnishings; financial assistance for rent, utilities, prescriptions, etc.; case management aides in household planning and budgeting; information and referrals to services & programs relevant to clients’ situations. 

The Golden Gate Center for Enrichment offers educational opportunities, support groups, college and job application assistance and more. 

3. What do I need in order to sign up?

  • Prepacked emergency services will be available to clients who are new and/or have not been receiving services in the last six months.
    • To be eligible for this service proof of Martin County residency (i.e. current utility bill, current lease or current mortgage statement) and photo ID is needed.  An appointment is not required for this service.
  • Monthly Client Choice shopping and monthly bread and produce distributions will be available to clients who have completed our enrollment process (i.e. provide documentation that verifies identity, Martin County residency, and proof of ongoing need). Please call 772-286-4673 for a complete list of documents required for enrollment.  An appointment is required for this service.
  • Curbside will be offered to clients who are unable to and/or not yet comfortable with returning to client choice shopping.  An appointment is required for this service.

4. What happens if I don’t have all of the paperwork?

Certain situations may dictate different forms of verification. Don’t give up! Speak with House of Hope’s staff and they will be able to guide you toward the best way for you to enroll. Visit your nearest branch or call 772-286-4673 during business hours to speak to our staff. They can recommend what to bring given your situation.

5. Why do you need my paperwork?

House of Hope is not a government entity; our donor and grant funding is designed to assist Martin County residents who meet certain income requirements in order to ensure that the mission is being performed on those who are truly in need of these services. Your documentation helps to prove that you are a Martin County resident and that your situation warrants the assistance that we are prepared to provide to you in order to help you progress towards self-sufficiency.

6. What kind of food will you give me?

Our goal is to provide a diverse, nutritionally well-balanced, variety of food items  These items include shelf-stable food items, fresh produce, prepared meals, frozen food, condiments, and bakery items. Hygiene items and various household supplies may also be available.  

Fully enrolled clients may participate in Client Choice shopping, a monthly shopping experience where clients may select predetermined quantities of items from multiple categories in order to select the best food items to fit their families' nutritional needs.  Households who are in the process of enrolling may be provided a pre-selected crate of food known as an “emergency service” in order to get nutrition into the household until they can be fully enrolled. Clients experiencing homelessness may visit their nearest branch every business day to receive a “day bag” including a ready-to-eat meal, snacks and a beverage. Speak to a House of Hope program assistant or case manager to discuss the best way to enroll for the right service to meet your needs.

7. Where does the food come from?

House of Hope’s food comes from various sources including food banks and private donations as well as discounted bulk orders purchased direct from suppliers through special arrangements facilitated by partnering corporate Partners of Hope. Fresh produce is often gleaned from local growers’ fields when possible. All food offered meets the USDA guidelines pertaining to expiration dates and shelf-life standards.


Giving Help

1. Who funds House of Hope?

Private donations and grants are the lifeblood of House of Hope. Throughout the year House of Hope hosts a few fundraisers such as the Hearts for Hope luncheon, Serve Some Hope Charity Doubles Tournament and Top Chef Martin County. Various Partners in Hope host their own public and private events with proceeds benefiting House of Hope.

2. How do my donated items help the mission?

60% of donated thrift store items are distributed directly to Martin County residents in need or paid forward to partnering non-profit agencies serving the same communities. Approximately 40% is sold in any of our 4 thrift stores, online Ebay store, and occasionally used as fundraising auction items during special fundraising events. Each dollar raised through the sale of these items can provide 6 lbs of food to be distributed through the pantries and 94 cents of each dollar funds services provided.

Donated food is sorted by category and then distributed throughout our four Client Choice pantries located across Martin County. Every 1.2 lbs of food roughly equal a meal for someone in our community. 

3. How much of my monetary donation goes toward programs which help people?

94 cents of each dollar goes directly to helping local people in need.

4. How can I stay informed of program information, current needs or other information relevant to my community?

House of Hope produces a monthly eNewsletter and utilizes social media channels daily to get the most up to date information to those interested in Giving Help and Getting Help. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube at @hohmartin, Instagram at @HouseofHopeMC.