Our new Hope for Health and Nutrition initiative is designed to raise awareness about the high levels of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease in our community while helping to provide new solutions, enhance current solutions, and improve the general understanding of the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

House of Hope seeks to add ambassadors and partners to help advance the initiative for all residents, especially lower income families and individuals who currently suffer from these challenges in greater numbers and are at higher risk levels. We know that for many individuals and families, the health of the household is an obstacle to success. Better health makes for better students and better employees and increases the likelihood for positive results.



House of Hope continues to improve access to healthier and fresher foods for our clients and partner agencies, while also improving access to information and education on health and nutrition by providing the following programs:

Great partnerships and valuable volunteer support are key in helping the House of Hope staff have a positive impact on health and nutrition for those we serve and the community at large. Our four Client Choice food pantries, the production farm, the nutrition gardens, and the Golden Gate Center for Enrichment all benefited from the more than 43,000 hours of volunteer service that House of Hope received last year from individuals and groups. (That is the equivalent of nearly 22 full time employees.)

Other key partnerships include:


What is the Health and Nutrition Ambassador Program?

The Health and Nutrition Ambassador Program is a county wide initiative designed to raise awareness and understanding of major health concerns, especially those that relate to diet and nutrition, and to assist in providing and enhancing solutions and opportunities to drive improvements. Ambassadors may be an individual or family, as well as businesses, churches, youth groups, schools, social groups or others. Ambassadors may come from any occupation or walk of life, and need to have a strong desire to participate in one or more of the following:

  1. Be part of a growing legion of people willing to help us share factual and accurate information about health and nutrition through word-of-mouth, social media, public speaking, print opportunities and more. Share this information with your friends and neighbors, in the workplace, at church or school, to social and business groups, and others.
  2. Volunteer to assist House of Hope in our gardens and farm, pantries or other programs.
  3. Share your expertise with us, if applicable, in the area of health and nutrition.
  4. Share what you grow. Already growing your own food? Share the bounty from your garden or fruit trees with one of our Client Choice pantries.
  5. Conduct a healthy food drive focused on heart healthy non-perishable items.

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Founding Partners in the Hope for Health and Nutrition Initiative: