Partner of Hope

House of Hope’s Partner of Hope program engages businesses, civic associations, neighborhoods, schools, churches, temples, etc., in empowering Martin County residents to overcome hunger and hardship.

The key is to participate in TWO or more activities per year, or one activity two times (described below). The magic number here is TWO!

Organize a food drive at your workplace, church, temple, school, civic association or in your neighborhood. Our food drives page has information and resources to help you. Special drives for other items, such as toiletries, clothing, school supplies, are also welcome.

Bring your group to volunteer at House of Hope! You can participate in a variety of projects by volunteering in our food pantry or thrift store, or help us glean (hand-picking vegetables from a local farm) when harvest time comes. You’ll feel good, you’ll work together, and you will be making a difference.

Have fun while raising funds! Would you donate $3 to House of Hope to wear jeans to work? How about $5 to eat lunch with the boss? Or, $10 for a pass to come in late or leave early? Who said donating to your favorite cause can’t be fun?

Once you become a Partner of Hope, House of Hope will acknowledge your partnership and you will receive our Partner of Hope decal, which shows the community that your group makes a difference by fighting to end hunger and hardship right here at home. We will be compiling a list of ongoing members and will connect periodically when there is an urgent request or need.

Also, let the community know you are a Partner of Hope! Social media is a great way to share photos and other highlights of your group’s activities on behalf of House of Hope.

Questions? Ready to sign up? Please click the button at the top right or this link to express your interest. Or you can contact Amy Belisle, directly at (772) 286-4673, ext. 1002, or