House of Hope: Where Neighbors in Need Find Hope for the Future

Posted on April 4, 2022

When people are struggling to meet basic needs like food or shelter, what they need most of all is hope.

That’s the critical role of House of Hope---to offer not only essential services for today but also hope for the future.

Many community members think of House of Hope as a generous and efficient free pantry for our Martin County friends and neighbors in need of food. And it is. But House of Hope is so much more than a food pantry. It is a source of empowerment for individuals in need and a means of changing the trajectory of a person’s life.

House of Hope has been an active part of the community since volunteers created it in 1984. From a small store front, it has grown to encompass locations throughout the county. It is a provider of educational programs and even includes a farm, gardens and soon a packing house.

At its heart are the programs grouped under the name “Project HOPE: Helping Others Progress through Empowerment.”

“Our mission is to work directly with people in need to overcome the obstacles that may seem insurmountable and restore their sense of hope in the future,” says Rob Ranieri, House of Hope CEO.

Clients of House of Hope are embraced by the House of Hope team with counseling to help them plan their path forward, client choice food pantries with a variety of nutritional food choices and even cooking lessons, the clothes closet at House of Hope Thrift Store for clothing and household items, financial assistance to help people stay safe and keep a roof over their heads, and connections with social services and other opportunities within the community.

A client tells the story best: I gave up on myself. But House of Hope never did. You gave me food and some job skills and helped me see a way out. It’s been tough, but I have hope.

To learn more, visit our website or find us on Facebook.