Case Management

Many people who request help from House of Hope have more complex problems than one-time assistance can provide. Additionally, in today’s disastrous economic climate, many clients are newly unemployed middle-class wage earners who have exhausted their personal resources. They are desperate and unfamiliar with services and benefits that may be available to them.

As part of the empowerment model, House of Hope has implemented a case management program to address longer-term needs and help guide people toward economic stability and self-sufficiency. In addition to being able to provide short-term financial relief, case workers can help clients make a plan for bringing greater stability to their lives — and the lives of their family members. Such planning involves helping clients to access training and educational opportunities, referring them to other support services in the community, and helping them improve life skills such as managing their household finances.

To schedule an appointment with a case manager, contact House of Hope by calling (772) 286 – 4673 or visit your nearest branch.